The Parochial Church Council of St James Barlborough is currently considering the future of Barlborough Church Institute. Ten years ago, the PCC took the decision to take on a tenant in order to help with running costs of the building, but we have now reached the point where the cost of doing vital repairs and bringing it up to standard is considerably more than the income we receive. The PCC is also responsible for the fabric of the Grade II listed church building, which also needs some very expensive repairs, as well as paying for ongoing running costs. We are a small parish church with a small income which can no longer meet the running costs of both buildings.

The PCC has, therefore, reluctantly decided that it is in the best interests of the institute and the church to consider selling the Institute building. Please be assured that we are only at the very beginning of this process and that the building will not go on sale until we have explored all the options open to us.

We would very much like the building to remain a community facility, but this will require someone being willing to make the investment in it. We are in discussions with the relevant authorities and intend to provide the opportunity for the community to feedback on any plans that are made.