Our large, enthusiastic Choir meets for practice on Friday evenings at St James Barlborough. New members are always welcome. The Choir is affiliated to the RSCM and we run the Voice for Life training scheme.

Who’s who – the rogues gallery!

Choir Director
Gordon Stables
Assistant Choir Director
Steve Palfreyman
Steve P
St James’ Organist St John the Baptist Organist
Ian Bevell Suzy Blagg
Choir Librarian Child Protection Officer
Tricia Murray-Leslie Lois Nicholl
Choir Wardrobe Mistress Joyce Brown

Assistant Choir Wardrobe Mistress Jenny Mosley

Our Trebles

Thomas Jan 2016 Fleur Dec 2015 Sarah Dec 2015 Namitha Caitlin 11.1.2015

Our Lady Sopranos
    Pat  Nayana 11.1.2015 Frances Alex  Sally 26.6.11

Our Altos

Our Tenors
  Isaac Silver Steve P

Our Basses

Organ Scholar
The St James Organ Scholarship is awarded annually. As well as receiving organ tuition, the Organ Scholar is expected to give regular performances and manage the other occasional organists who play for our various services. Our current organ scholar is Thomas Morton.