An example of a prayer labyrinth – a person walks the route towards the centre and then back out again

Come and help create a prayer labyrinth for Lent

This month our Great Outdoors group will be creating a prayer labyrinth in Clowne churchyard.

A prayer labyrinth is not a maze – you cannot get lost. There is one route through the labyrinth’s many twists and turns, to the centre.

Christians have created labyrinths for centuries as ways of making a slow, meditative walk to help them come close to God.

Our Great Outdoors group will be making a prayer labyrinth based on a traditional design in Clowne churchyard, with the labyrinth be available to any visitors to the churchyard to use during Lent.

Join in

Saturday 18th February, 2pm at Clowne church.

(Unless the weather is really bad we will hopefully still create the labyrinth so please dress prepared for the weather. But there will be the shelter of Clowne church and drinks and biscuits available anyway.)

Great Outdoors logo with the strapline: walk, reflect, connect