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St Clare of Assisi

Clare forged a path for women and saved the Franciscan Chrism from dissipation and neglect. She pioneered women’s ministry in an unprecedented way. Becoming spiritual director to a Pope. Holding back the ravage of her sisters and the town of Assisi by Muslim mercenaries. Her example is a high one may our love for her as the Community of Francis and Clare grow and grow … Peace and all Good …… Born in 1193 in Assisi of a wealthy family, Clare caught the joy of a new vision of the gospel from Francis’s preaching. She escaped from home, first to the Benedictines and then to a Béguine-style group, and she chose a contemplative way of life when she founded her own community, which lived in corporate poverty understood as dependence on God, with a fresh, democratic lifestyle. During the long years after Francis’ death, she supported his earlier companions in their desire to remain faithful to his vision, as she did. Some of her last words were: ‘Blessed be God, for having created me.’